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Create the Perfect Plan with Stella

Book a Discovery Session with Stella and share with her what your situation is and what you want to create instead. By the end of the conversation, Stella will create a plan to help you Have IT All.

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Book Your Discovery Session

Are you ready to chat with Stella?  She's excited to help you map out your desires, dreams, and needs, and then create a plan to show you how to create a life you love--where you CAN have it all!

This Discovery Session is no charge. It is for you to explain your situation and for Stella to work with your budget to create a plan that works for you that will require a financial investment on your part.

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Success Coach, Personal Empowerment Coach, and Financial Strategist, Stella Mirkovich is a happily married career woman, mother of two amazing grown men + just recently a "Nonna", working in the big city yet still living a charmed life in the suburbs of New Jersey. Stella has it all but it wasn't easy getting here. She had to learn how to juggle and balance and put strategic plans in place to create a life she not only loves, she adores! And she wants to help you have it all too!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Live Your Greatest Life

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Embrace the magic within you. Do what you love, and love what you do.

End the Monkey Brain

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Tame your mind; the monkey brain. Stop the mental three-ring circus.  

Let Your Light Shine

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Limiting beliefs dim your light. Be the authentic person you were born to be.

Take a Leap of Faith

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Overcome your fear and take the first step into your greatness.

Dream Your Dream

Dream BIG, live abundantly, fulfil your destiny, live life to its full capacity.

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Stop 'Screwing' Yourself

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Why don't you have what you want? Reveal the truth & stop screwing yourself.

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"When I spoke with Stella Mirkovich she quickly assessed that I needed to concentrate on my self-care. She helped me to realize that I was dedicating myself to everyone but me, and I was paying for it. I was exhausted. Eating healthy and working out seemed to be a far-away dream. After only three coaching calls I was drinking water, doing my yoga, and sleeping through the night finally! I am very happy to have made that first call."

Shaelene McInnis,

Founder and CEO of Books in Line

What People Are Saying About Stella

Virginia Ede,

Founder of Maggie's Education + Wellness Sanctuary

Stella is an outstanding coach in so many ways.  She is compassionate, supportive, down to earth and instantly makes you feel comfortable and most importantly… heard.  Her recommendations are wise as well as deeply intuitive. Talk about hitting the 'nail' on the proverbial head, Stella does just that and quickly!  My coaching experience with her was truly amazing and I am so very thankful for her ongoing support. If you are needing empathetic guidance and genuine understanding, I cannot recommend this lovely lady highly enough. Thank you, Stella.

"​​​​​​​I’ve been working with Stella Mirkovich for over two years, and I find her to not only be pure grace and graciousness. Stella has a killer instinct, the purpose of action, and the ability to help you get very clear, very fast. She knows her stuff and cares deeply about living life in full integrity and authenticity. She has a deep passion for helping women who know they deserve more and want more but aren't quite sure how to take the leap of faith. My advice: Jump! If you have Stella on your side, you’re in good hands.​​​"​​​​​​​

Crystal Andrus Morissette,

Founder of The S.W.A.T. Institute, Best-Selling Author

Are you ready to dream without limitations

to create a life you love?

Imagine what it would be like if you could stop spending your time worrying, stop being in fear, doubt, or guilt, and instead what it would be like vesting all that energy creating and implementing powerful and positive changes?   

Well, you have come to the right place.  Together we will find your most important dreams and set up goals and effective strategies that will help you reach those dreams and fulfill your untapped inner potential.  You will master to truly trust yourself to be able to handle life and make important decisions.   You will push past your self-limiting beliefs and stop your own inner critic with tools designed for your awareness and overcome your own most self-critical and most self-esteem damaging thought habits about how you look, think, and how you want to live your life.  You get more great things in your life and know you deserve it!  Understand how to let go of how you think you should be and embrace who you deep down are.  Learn how to stay on course while you work towards what you want without guilt or self-sabotage when you get it.

You will see the change because you will be doing things you have never done before so you can live a life you've never lived before!  

If you want to be a self-empowered person, this is the place for you!

Who is Stella?

And what can she do for you?

After spending over 20 years working in New York, Fortune-500 companies, leaning in at the board room table, and playing with the 'big boys,' Stella knew that she could no longer trade off her personal freedom for a 6+-figure income that was sucking the life out of her.

As a Success Coach, Stella Mirkovich is dedicated to helping empower people who are ready to live in alignment with what they desire, and who want to make more of an impact. 

For individuals who are stuck and want to get clarity on their next steps.  Or those who are confused, overwhelmed, and feeling unfulfilled, Stella will get you to achieve at your highest levels. 

If you are torn between home and work; wanting to make the big bucks but not trade off your personal serenity and freedom. Step into your own power, awaken your purpose and live a life of peace and freedom.  And she's created a program to help you transition from an unfulfilling life to creating a life you love, without sacrificing!

Stella will help you map out your desires, dreams, and needs, and then create a plan to show you how to create a life you love!

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